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Jeff Harris

Jeff Harris

Nuff Said

Jeff took over the business from his dad Ron in 2007, having already laid great foundations for Jeff to build on. Jeff’s claim to fame was when he developed a Crossflow engine for a Channel 4 TV Programme, called “For The Love of Cars” at the end of 2013. After the programme aired the phone didn’t stop calling as everyone wanted an engine built by him.

Favourite Food:
Full English Roast & a Curry (but not together)

Favourite Dad Joke:
My wife asked me to sync her phone, so I threw it into the ocean. I don’t know why she’s mad at me…

James Harris

James Harris

The Youngster

James is the latest in a run of Harris sons to join the company full time. He trained in Motorsport Engineering at Brooklands College and worked for Carlin Racing (responsible for many current F1 stars) before joining his father Jeff at HPE Motorsport. Over the past couple of years he has put his own stamp on the business and its development for the future.

Favourite Food:

Favourite Dad Joke:
What’s the difference between a poorly dressed man on a tricycle and a well dressed man on a bicycle? Attire.

Ron Harris
Ron Harris | The Con-Rod Father

Jeff Harris took over from his father Ron Harris once he retired; who sadly has since passed away. Over 1500 people attended his funeral which is a testament to how much of an impression he held across the classic Ford community. Ron left a legacy behind creating a great name for motorsport with Harris Performance Engines. Jeff has done a fantastic job keeping this legacy alive and over the past few years has helped build and expand on the business.

As Jeff now reaches ever closer to retirement his son James Harris has joined the business full time to help Jeff and take the business to the next stage.

After nearly 80 years of trading, HPE Motorsport are world renowned, for getting big horsepower, for the right price. All our engine figures are normal aspirated based and not reliant on any turbos, fuel injection systems, or Nitrous oxide.

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The Beginning

a family run business since the 1930's

HPE Motorsport was founded in the 1930s when Albert Harris used to repair & tune motorcycles. His son, the legendary Ron Harris, inherited the mechanical expertise and know-how to progress the business onto cars in the early 1950s.

Throughout the 50s, 60s and 70s Ron Harris was a name renowned in the motorsport industry, especially with engine building and tuning on Ford street cars, as well as track and strip racing. During these decades, Ron’s sons; Jeffrey, Andy, Martin and Ronnie Jnr, were growing up and learning from their dad what the perfect ingredients were to build a fast, unbeatable race engine!

With all four sons interested in cars, Ron Harris was under increasing pressure to step the business up a level and develop further techniques to increase the performance and speed of his engines.

Andy excelled in the National Hot Rods, winning several championships against legends like George Polley, Barry Lee, Mick Duffy Collard and of course Derek Warwick (to name but a few). Whilst Ronnie Jnr was on a winning streak in the Stock Rod British and World Championships.

Due to the racing success of the Harris boys, Ron became increasingly busy with builds of Hotrod, Stock Rod, & Stock Car engines. Dozens of drivers won races and championships with HPE Motorsport engines under the hood of their cars!

Meanwhile, throughout the 80s and 90s, Jeff Harris concentrated on son James Harris’ career in Karting. Achieving British champion in Junior Karting in 1998 and 1999, having raced with Lewis Hamilton and other top race drivers.

Off the track

Further establishing the Harris name as synonymous with high quality, winning engines were our own car projects. Many a MK1 and MK2 Zephyr and Zodiac, as well as Ford Escorts, have been modified by Ron, Jeff, Andy, Martin and Ronnie Jnr.

By putting in Ford small block V8 engines, these cars could be seen throughout the 70s and 80s tearing up the roads and subsequently drumming up further custom for HPE Motorsport in modifying engines.

With all those years of experience, Ron has developed the Ford Kent crossflow and Ford Pinto engines to the very high level of tune that they are today. We are achieving very good results with both Andy and now James, further strengthening the HPE Motorsport name. The tuning and pace we achieve in our MK1 and MK2 Escorts at various race meets, including Santa Pod (in Northampton), still surprises everyone. Even Ron, at the young age of 74 years, continues to compete at the Brighton speed trials and other sprinting events.


The Future

our plans for expansion & greater power gains

As Jeff takes a step back; James takes a leap forward. The first step in the development and expansion of HPE Motorsport is this brand new website. You can now view our Engine Builder pages with an easy 3 step process:

  1. Choose your engine
  2. Choose your BHP package
  3. Give us a call to discuss your engine and any additional options.

HPE have sold parts for a while but never online or within a shop environment, this website will now allow you to buy parts wherever you are in the country from the comfort of your own home. We have moved into new premises, a much larger unit with its own shop, we would love to see you so pop in to pick up your parts and have a “quick chat” with Jeff.

James has become a dab hand at CGI Prototyping and has developed several new parts specifically to improve the performance of HPE Engines, these are available in our online shop and are exclusive to HPE Motorsport.


Website Design & Photography

Darren Woolway

We Stole Classic Ford Magazines Best Photographer

The James Harris Legacy

With the growth of HPE Motorsport and as a start to the James Harris legacy it made perfect sense to push forward into our online presence. With Jeff looking to take a step back a new plan was born.

James has been developing the H22 Performance parts for a while now and the new pulleys are absolutely stunning. The H22 brand name was created to keep the memory of our beloved Joanna, Daughter and Sister alive with the “H” standing for Harris and the “22” to represent the date of her passing on the 22/09/2009. If you look at the H22 Logo the “22” also looks like “PP” so H22 becomes Harris Performance Parts.

To keep HPE Motorsport at the top of our game as we have been since the 1930’s we thought it was important to have a website that represented the quality that our brand has become famous for. Not only must the website look good but it must be functional, making it easier for our fans to purchase our products. We enlisted the help of local photographer Darren Woolway, luckily for us he is one of Classic Ford Magazines top photographers and runs a media company that offers web design called Scorpion Media. That means that all the imagery you see on the site is our own, even everything in the shop pages!